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Cyber Security

Document Management

Net Service works with professional Associations providing advancements in their digital capabilities with sophisticated IT solutions. We provide document management and storage systems that are secure, reliable and in line with industry standards. We strive towards innovation, with high performance solutions, and are able to adapt effectively to client needs and form a tailor-made IT service.

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InOrdine is an innovative management system, designed by Net Service for professional associations. The software provides associations a cutting edge IT system for the facilitation of organisational processes and efficient management control. InOrdine also provides professional bodies with efficient means to manage both internal and external communication, through an integrated institutional portal.

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The Access Point (AP) allows organisations to connect their members to an integrated digital legal network. AP guarantees integrity with authentication, PEC certified emails, and document storage, in-line with the specifications contained in MD 44/2011. To date, more than 40,000 lawyers use the AP platform developed by Net Service.