Medium and Large Enterprises

Net Service is the trusted IT partner and system integrator for medium and large enterprises. Our teams work with clients, analysing and identifying their technological and organisational structures to find the most suitable solutions, safeguarding their business and improving overall efficiency.

IT asset protection is vital. Net Service strives to protect customer’s infrastructures and prevent potential attacks. Solutions guarantee maximum security towards an enterprise's critical assets.

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Astrea is an  integrated management and monitoring platform for company activities developed by Net Service. The application is designed to provide companies with secure, organised access to heterogeneous data sources, both internal and external to the company’s computer systems.
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This is a cutting-edge ERP solution, designed and developed by Net Service. A fully integrated platform that, as well as more traditional modules (accounting, purchasing, stock, production, sales, distribution and assets), Net Service also offers an advanced control and management system that integrates traditional data warehouse methods with the more modern data mining and business intelligence techniques.